Cross-country skiing – enjoy a stunning, snow-covered winter landscape

Because sometimes you just want a change from downhill skiing, right? Ice crystals glisten on the white snow surface and every breath conjures a small cloud into the clear winter air; almost silently, you glide through pristine nature. Cross-country skiing in Styria is a great way to enjoy the stunning, snow-covered winter landscape while getting a little exercise as well. Cross-country skiing is one of the healthiest sports there is, as it is not only particularly easy on the joints, but also the perfect whole-body workout; it involves almost every muscle group. Whether you prefer skating or classic style, whether you’re a beginner, a casual skier in your free time or a competitive athlete – cross-country skiing is a real joy in the region of Semmering-Waldheimat-Veitsch. Among the range of different natural-snow trails, you are sure to find something to suit your taste.

Discover impeccably prepared cross-country trails in Spital am Semmering, Sankt Barbara im Mürztal and Mürzzuschlag. In Spital am Semmering, you will find a two-kilometre-long cross-country ski run right by the valley station of the Stuhleck ski area. In St. Barbara im Mürztal / Veitsch, cross-country skiing enthusiasts will find a five-kilometre-long track, with both diagonal and skating tracks. You will find the longest route in the region in Mürzzuschlag. The Mürzzuschlag-Ganz panorama trail offers cross-country trails up to 8.4 kilometres long in classic and skating style; its main entrance is near the Halmdienst-Steinbauer private rooms. In addition, the ‘wreath’ circuit (two kilometres) is illuminated and therefore perfect for evening training.

Tip for cross-country skiing: For newcomers to the sport or anyone who wants to refresh or perfect their technique, the highly competent ‘Doppelstock’ team is here to help.

Cross-country skiing trails


Panorama trail Mürzzuschlag: 1 trail, 8,4 kilometer length (with diagonal and skating tracks), 2 km are illuminated and therefore perfect for evening training.
Tel: +43 3852 2556

St. Barbara im Mürztal / Veitsch

Kleinveitsch trail: 1 trail, 5 kilometres in length (with diagonal and skating tracks)
Tel. +43 699 11170250

Spital am Semmering / Steinhaus

Trail Stuhleck: 2 kilometres, classic track from the valley station Stuhleck to Steinhaus am Semmering
Tel. +43 3853 270

Cross-country ski hire in Mürzzuschlag

Der Doppelstock, Pretulstraße 1, 8680 Mürzzuschlag
Info and reservations: Tel. +43(0)680 4422944,

The team at ‘Der Doppelstock’ can also host cross-country skiing courses for groups of at least six members. Dates and prices on request. The activities offered range from guided courses and training to uncomplicated, competent expert advice in matters of cross-country skiing.


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