Pilgrimage trails in the Mürz Valley – the path to Mariazell

Pilgrimage Trail 706, Pilgrimage Circuit Trail, Stations of the Cross and Pilgrims’ Park

Experience the inner peace and contemplation that going on a pilgrimage can bring. Here, you have the opportunity to leave the stress and hectic of your everyday life behind and be in harmony with your soul, mind and body. The region of Semmering-Waldheimat-Veitsch is located directly on the Styrian Mariazellerweg and offers different path variants and highlights.

Mariazell Pilgrimage Trail 706 A – St. Barbara im Mürztal variant

The two tracks, 706A and 706B, diverge at the Schanz mountain pass. The trail numbered 706A extends to St. Barbara im Mürztal / Mitterdorf via Stanglalm. From here, the trail continues on to St. Barbara im Mürztal / Veitsch and to the Niederalpl area via Rotsohlalm. The path continues on as follows: Schöneben – Mooshuben – Mariazell. The municipality of St. Barbara has also installed additional artwork: Along the pilgrimage trail from Stanglalm and on to Rotsohlalm in the district of Veitsch, travellers will find 21 WEGArt sculptures exploring the concept of pilgrimage through art. Tip: In the district of Veitsch, you can marvel at the largest wooden cross in the world which can be entered like a building: the Pilgrim Cross, a symbol of peace and understanding between peoples, is a perfect stopover on your pilgrimage to Mariazell.

  • Walking times: Stanglalm – St. Barbara im Mürztal / Mitterdorf, approx. 2 hours
  • Walking times: St. Barbara im Mürztal / Veitsch (Brunnalm) – Niederalpl – Mariazell, approx. 6 hours

Pilgrimage Trail 706 B to Mariazell – Krieglach variant

The two Mariazellerweg paths, 706A and 706B, diverge at the Schanz mountain pass. Variant B goes via the Alpl (924 metres above sea level), the Waldheimat area made famous by Peter Rosegger, and the Hochgölk area (1,176 metres above sea level) to Krieglach (608 metres above sea level). Along the pilgrimage trail, you’ll encounter the Gölk Chapel, where the votive offerings left behind bear witness to countless prayer processions over the years. Note: The Gölk Chapel, which Peter Rosegger affectionately called his ‘little church in the forest’, is a place of peace and tranquillity. In Krieglach, there is also a Church of St. James (Jakobuskirche) that’s well worth the visit! Continue up the Sommerberg and Höllkogel (1,154 metres above sea level) ascents to the Hocheck (1,418 metres) – Kleinveitschalm Dobreintal – Mürzsteg – Schöneben – Mooshuben towards Mariazell.

  • Walking times: Alpl – Krieglach, around 3 hours.
  • Walking times: Krieglach – Hocheck, around 4 hours

Pilgrimage trails in St. Barbara im Mürztal / Mitterdorf

Pilgrimage Circuit Trail: Pilgrims’ Mile, Pilgrims’ Path with Stations of the Cross, Pilgrims’ Park

The Pilgrimage Circuit Trail in Mittendorf im Mürztal finds common ground for pilgrims and hikers in the beauty of art and of nature. The hiking trail is divided into sections: The Pilgrims’ Mile, Pilgrims’ Path with Stations of the Cross and the Pilgrims’ Park in Pichl Castle. If you like, you can hike all the stations at once or explore one section at a time. Tip: Jako, the ‘pilgrim’s nose’, is a kids’ character who will accompany our younger visitors along the entire Pilgrimage Circuit Trail!

Along the Pilgrims’ Mile, which leads through the centre of the village, pilgrim sculptures and other noteworthy sights can be seen.

The Pilgrims’ Path is a themed trail with forest play stations: This seven-kilometre themed path in the Mitterdorf district features fascinating sculptures that invite you to pause and reflect – pieces such as ‘Heavenly Alphabet’, ‘Eye Lights’ or ‘Ladder Person’. Tip for families: visit the Pilgrims’ Path with your children. Jako, the ‘pilgrim's nose’, is a character who accompanies kids in a playful way, teaching them about nature and the concept of pilgrimage. The forest play stations near the ‘Teichhütte’ provide additional fun and games. The ‘Teichhütte’, a romantic cabin by an idyllic natural pond, is open on Friday and Saturday afternoons and offers farmhouse specialities from Styria. The end of the Pilgrims’ Path is the Stations of the Cross at the Mitterdorf cemetery (Friedhofstraße, 8662 St. Barbara im Mürztal / Mitterdorf), where the Mürz Valley artist Franz Krammer has created 14 stations from various iron materials.

Opened in 2010, the Pilgrims’ Park is located in the grounds of Pichl Castle in the Mitterdorf district of Sankt Barbara im Mürztal. The Mercury Trail (which is the official name of the pilgrimage circuit in the park) consists of eight stations, the final point being the monumental pilgrim’s chair. The Pilgrims’ Mile, Pilgrims’ Path, Pilgrims’ Park and the Stations of the Cross can be hiked along a well-marked circular trail. If you prefer a more leisurely pace, visit the respective sections individually.

Pichl Castle
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8662 St. Barbara im Mürztal / Mitterdorf

Wallfahrer am Mariazeller Pilgerweg

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