Pilgrimage sites along the Mariazellerweg

Pilgrim Cross and WEGArt objects

Many hiking trails are used as pilgrimage paths and provide the opportunity to go on a multifaceted journey of discovery. Pilgrimages can provide not only clarity and a sense of orientation, new perspectives and vitality, but also spiritual rejuvenation and divine experiences. In addition to the traditional form of pilgrimage on foot, pilgrimage by bicycle has also become increasingly popular in recent years. The oldest form of pilgrimage is simply walking – the best way to perceive your surroundings and learn about yourself. Some pilgrimage trails lead over alpine passes and crossings and feature stunning views of infinite horizons. When going on a cycling pilgrimage, either with a traditional bicycle or an electric one, you can find your own route without much effort (sometimes), discover the churches and chapels along the way and stop for a break whenever you want.

The Styrian Mariazellerweg winds through the Semmering-Waldheimat-Veitsch region. For pilgrims and interested visitors, however, the pilgrimage trail also offers a number of relevant sights worth seeing along the way. One of these is the largest pilgrim cross in the world that is hollow and can be entered; don’t forget the WEGArt objects, too. Set off on your journey – there are so many pilgrimage sites to discover.

By the way, there are in fact two variants of the Mariazellerweg that pass through our region, the most eastern part of Upper Styria. Mariazellerweg Trail 706 A leads through the municipal area of St. Barbara im Mürztal (districts: Mitterdorf and Veitsch). The alternative route, 706 B, goes over the Alpl, then through St. Barbara im Mürztal (district: Veitsch) and finally to Mariazell.

Veitsch Pilgerkreuz vom Dorf Herbert PodbressnikView of the Pilgrim Cross, © Herbert Podbressnik

Pilgrim Cross on the Veitscher Ölberg peak

The Veitsch area features the world’s tallest accessible (i.e. hollow and able to be entered) wooden cross – the Pilgrim Cross. The cross is the perfect stopover for trips along the Mariazellerweg.

A group of pilgrims en route on the pilgrimage routePilgrimage, © TV SWV, picture: Herbert Podbressnik

Pilgrimage trails in the Mürz Valley

Going on a pilgrimage is a popular activity. In these hectic times we live in, more and more people have come to find inner peace and strength in pilgrimage as a way to achieve harmony with their soul, mind and body.

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