WinterSportMuseum Mürzzuschlag

An internationally relevant collection in Austria

Founded in 1947, the museum is one of the world’s largest specialists in the field of winter sports and skiing and presents a balanced mixture of instructive presentations and exciting installations. The museum is an ideal destination for the whole family! The children’s adventure trail, with Toni the snow hare, invites the whole family to join in, play and discover!

The objects in the collection are at the heart of the museum; each is unique and tells its own exciting story. The permanent exhibition is divided into the main areas of skiing and snowboarding, ice sports, bobsleigh, sledging and tobogganing and alpine climbing, each with further subgroups. Hundreds of skis can be seen in the museum, from blades used as a means of transportation 2,000 years ago to Marcel Hirscher’s winning ski. With an impressive collection of skis, bindings, boots and poles, the exhibition charts the evolution not only of the gear itself but also of ski fashion. Also worthy of mention is the particularly well-stocked specialist library, which researchers and students appreciate for their projects.

The history of the museum

Around 1890, recreational skiing started to gain many followers in Central Europe, especially among the middle class, even though the financial means for the equipment were often lacking. Motivated by Fridtjof Nansen’s ski expedition through Greenland, Mürzzuschlag innkeeper Toni Schruf and Graz sportsman Max Kleinoschegg decided to introduce skiing to Central Europe. They recognised the tourist importance of snowshoes (skis) at an early stage and implemented many measures. Thanks to its activities and its location on the Southern Railway, Mürzzuschlag soon became a centre for winter tourism. After the first ascent of Stuhleck (1,782 metres above sea level) on skis in 1892, they founded their own ski association one year later. In February 1893, the first international ski race was held, followed in 1894 by the first international winter exhibition. The historical importance of skiing and several regional and local events led to the decision taken in 1947 by Mürzzuschlag’s municipal council to establish a winter sports museum. Since then, the specialist collection in winter and ski sports has grown considerably and is consolidated into one building, where it is on display.

Admission fees:

  • Adults: EUR 7.50
  • Reduced admission (seniors, those with disabilities, etc.): EUR 6.00
  • School or university students (ages 6–18): EUR 4.00
  • Children under the age of 6: free

Family tickets:

  • Family card for 2 adults accompanying max. 2 children: EUR 16.00
  • Family card for 1 adult accompanying max. 2 children: EUR 9.00

Group prices:

  • Groups (minimum 20 people + 1 free space): EUR 6.00
  • Groups of children (minimum 10 people + 1 free space): EUR 3.00
  • Tour fee per person (more than 20 people): EUR 2.00
  • Tour fee for the whole group (fewer than 20 people): EUR 40.00

Tip: There is a varied annual programme with various events! Or you can rent the museum yourself for seminars, lectures, company parties, (children’s) birthdays, photo shoots, etc.

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