Kunsthaus Muerz in Mürzzuschlag

Music, literature, visual arts and architecture

Kunsthaus Muerz in Mürzzuschlag (Styria) sees itself as a space for interdisciplinary dialogue in contemporary art, science and society. The gallery focuses on the fields of music, literature, visual arts and architecture, as well as multimedia concepts and disciplines.

The history of Kunsthaus Muerz: The present Kunsthaus is located in a former church built in 1648 by the Franciscan mendicant order. The church was initially abandoned after the reign of Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor, and from then on used for various other purposes. After the former church had been a military accommodation for almost two centuries, other uses followed, such as a craft workshop, malt kiln, restaurant, table-tennis hall and, eventually, an exhibition space. As part of the Styrian Provincial Exhibition in 1991 entitled ‘Sport – Sense and Nonsense’, the premises were converted into a modern event centre, namely what is today the Kunsthaus Muerz. The church belonging to it and the older structure connected with it have been listed under historic preservation. Today, the church can be admired as a multipurpose building combined with contemporary architecture.
In cooperation with the Kunsthaus Muerz, there is also the arnold schönberg kunstschule: This art school is run as a kind of artistic laboratory, a place to research, sketch, experiment, construct, define, discuss, communicate, publish, provoke, stage, analyse and materialise. The school foregrounds discovering and exploring different topics, methods and forms of expression with one’s own abilities and ideas. It works closely with the local schools to provide great experiences for children.

2020 programme

Every year, there is a stunning array of cultural programming. The ‘Jahresmuseum’ is a space for exhibitions on various changing subjects. In spring and summer, the focus is mostly on architecture and design; in autumn and winter, visitors can usually expect an exhibition of contemporary art organised around a theme. There are music cycles, exhibitions and literary projects. In 2020, there will once again be a diverse programme of art and music through which a variety of artists will present their works.


  • Thursday to Saturday 10 AM–6 PM
  • Sunday 10 AM - 4 PM

Admission fees: Free (Jahresmuseum and gallery)

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