Permanent exhibition at the Brahms Museum

Diaries and letters paint a vivid picture of the master composer

Johannes Brahms, born on 7 May 1833 in Hamburg, was a German composer, conductor and pianist. His works and compositions are mainly attributed to Romanticism, through the inclusion of baroque and classical forms, but they also go beyond that movement. After moving to his new adopted city of Vienna in 1862, Brahms spent two creatively productive summers in Mürzzuschlag in 1884 and 1885. During this time, he composed almost the entirety of his Symphony No. 4 in E minor, Op. 98, as well as over 30 vocal works. The house, which is where Johannes Brahms lived during those two summers, has housed the Brahms Museum since 1991, which was expanded to include the original Brahms residence as well.

Johannes Brahms on summer retreat

The subject of this exciting permanent exhibition is ‘Johannes Brahms on summer retreat’. The musical tour through the ‘singing’ museum opens up the world of Brahms’ summers spent composing in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Leaf through Brahms’ manuscripts and listen to the eternally beautiful melodies – being able to listen and read these originals will make your visit truly unique. But you can get to know Brahms as a person, too! A large number of previously unseen objects and photographs from Brahms’ estate, as well as previously unknown diaries and letters, paint a vivid picture of the master composer. The Brahms Museum in Mürzzuschlag, the only one of its kind in Austria, attracts music lovers from all over the world and has already been awarded numerous museum prizes. Johannes Brahms was considered a musical wunderkind from an early age, and his instrumental compositions and vocal works, including a large number of lieder, have earned a permanent place in music history.

Tip: Take the Brahms Trail and learn who the composer was as a person in a playful way. The International Brahms Festival, which takes place every two years in the Mürzzuschlag Brahms Museum, is well known far beyond Austria’s borders. Classical music lovers can expect a programme of chamber music, songs, lectures and discussions at the highest level!


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