Grand Prix Nostalski

Event on historic ground

The NostalSkiTeam from Mürzzuschlag in Styria has been organising the ‘Grand Prix Nostalski’ for many years. This biennial gathering, which is held in Mürzzuschlag and Spital am Semmering, has become an internationally famous ‘nostalgic’ ski event. The ‘Grand Prix Nostalski’ takes you back to a time when skis were still two wooden boards for racing across the snowy meadows in Telemark, Christiania or Quersprung. Participants compete on skis made of ash, bamboo or wooden sticks, wearing tightly laced leather shoes and old-style clothes, for this ‘historical’ ski competition. The event combines competition and ambitiousness with tradition and cosiness. After all, the first international ski race in Central Europe was held in Mürzzuschlag in 1893.

The NostalSkiTeam introduces interested spectators to the different styles of alpine skiing, from its beginnings in Central Europe around 1890 to the ‘wedel’ technique of the 1950s, with original equipment (from the museum). In addition, appropriate ski clothing was tailor-made according to the original patterns. And don’t miss the award ceremony followed by the Snow Roses Ball in the WinterSportMuseum.

Tip: The WinterSportMuseum in Mürzzuschlag is home to one of the largest and most important specialist collections in the field of ski and winter sports history!

The NostalSkiTeam Mürzzuschlag

The term Nostalski stands for learning and performing historical skiing techniques using original ski equipment and historical clothing. The Mürzzuschlag NostalSkiTeam was founded all the way back in 1997 as an ‘activity track’ at the WinterSportMuseum in Mürzzuschlag. The team, which now has 30 members, is constantly gaining in name recognition due to its much admired appearances at events at home and abroad. The team can also proudly look back on assignments at European Cup and World Cup events as well as various television appearances. A particular highlight was its 2006 participation in the opening of the world’s largest ski hall, in Dubai.

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