Hochschlosskirtag – a traditional festival in Langenwang

Hochschlosskirtag (literally ‘High Castle Church Day’) may be the festival with the longest tradition in Langenwang. The festival of the Visitation of St. Mary has been celebrated at the Hohenwang castle for centuries now. And the Music Association of Langenwang has been organising a ‘Kirtag’ (‘church day’) on the first Sunday in July for a few centuries now. The festival of the Visitation of St. Mary honours the visit of Mary, the mother of Jesus, to her cousin Elizabeth, who at that time was pregnant with John the Baptist. Both the Roman Catholic and Old Catholic Churches celebrate this event.

The procession starts at 8:30 AM at the parish church of Langenwang and progresses to the castle chapel where a mass is held at 9:30 AM. Afterwards, the ‘Kirtag’ includes music, food and drinks, as well as free admission.
But the ‘Hochschlosskirtag’ isn’t just the continuation of a long tradition. It means much more than that: spending every year hoping for good weather for the festival, as young and old enjoy frankfurters with red firecrackers or grilled sausages with beer; the Kirtag means an abundance of marshmallow treats, gingerbread hearts and cotton candy and social get-togethers with ‘g’stanzl’ (traditional Austrian singing), yodelling and wise elders.

Interesting facts about the Hohenwang castle ruins

The Hohenwang castle ruins are some of the most significant medieval fortifications in Upper Styria. It is thought that the castle was built before 1160 by the Landesere family, who called themselves the lords of Hohenwang. Hohenwang is located on a rock spur, approximately 100 metres tall, above the market town of Langenwang. From here you can look to the southwest to see Wartbergkogel (municipality of St. Barbara im Mürztal) and to the northeast to see Mürzzuschlag. The ruins can be reached via three trails, one of which is an easily accessible forest path. You will first reach the Marienkapelle (Chapel of St. Mary); the path leading to the castle ruins is behind it. With its extraordinary length, the complex was one of the largest castles in Styria. Thanks to the conservation activities of Burgverein Hohenwang (an association for preservation of the castle), which has been restoring and fortifying the walls of the ruin for over 40 years, we can still look back into times gone by!

Tip: Guided tours through the Hohenwang castle ruins – Burgverein Hohenwang, tel.: +43 664 3516369

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